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PrD2901 dGTP(100mM) CAS:93919-41-6 99%

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PrD2901 99%usd60In store
PrD2901 99%usd220In store
PrD2901 99%usd380In store

Product Description This product is a colorless liquid solution. Suitable for PCR amplification Real time PCR, cDNA or regular DNA synthesis Various routine molecular biology experiments such as DNA sequencing and labeling. Dilute with ultrapure water and adjust the pH value to 7.0 with high-purity NaOH solution, with a purity of ≥ 99% (HPLC). After testing, it does not contain DNase RNase、phosphatase。 It can be directly used for various conventional molecular biology reactions such as PCR. Transportation and storage methods: Transport in ice bags and store at -25~-15 ℃. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles, and the product is valid for 2 years. matters needing attention 1) It can be dissolved at room temperature, and should be stored in an ice box or ice bath after dissolution. After use, it should be immediately stored at -25~-15 ℃. 2) For your safety and health, please wear laboratory clothes and disposable gloves when operating.